Roth 401(k) Vs Traditional 401(k): Investing Pre-Tax Or After-Tax

Which is better, a Roth or traditional 401(k)? Kristin McKenna, Senior Contributor to, lists out the differences in this article: “Investors make traditional 401(k) contributions before tax while Roth savings occur after tax. Which is best for you will depend on your current/future tax situation, asset mix, and cash flows. For individuals in the upper end of the tax brackets, paying tax now on retirement savings may not make sense.”

4 Ways To Stay On Track For A Secure Retirement (Article from

David Rae, Contributor to, recently posted an article listing 4 steps to take to stay on track for a secure retirement. “Being stuck at home for months and months, thanks to COVID-19, has many people rethinking what their dream retirement looks like. Others, who are out of work or underpaid/underemployed, are concerned about falling behind when it comes to saving for retirement. Whatever your situation, it is never too late to improve your financial security.”
peter bradshaw

Meet Peter Bradshaw, our Senior Agent

We would like to introduce you to our Senior Agent Peter Bradshaw and tell you more about him!   Peter meets with new and existing clients, including his own client base, to carefully review their estates and financial assets and discusses future goals. Then together, they come up with a financial plan and he advises the next steps to reach those goals. But he also does so much more! After moving to California from Westport, Connecticut, he attended Santa Clara University to pursue his B.S. in Economics.   He joined […]