Santa Clara County now in Tier Purple

In order to provide exceptional service and safely accommodate our clients, we will be hosting appointments virtually or via phone until further notice. If you need to drop documents off, or have other questions, please contact our Operations Manager Kimberly Murphy by calling (408) 393-9285 or email via email We hope you are staying safe, healthy and happy. From all of us at J.R. Financial & Insurance Services, be well!

Didn’t Save Enough for Retirement? Don’t Worry: Here Are 10 Tips for Making it Work

Kathleen Coxwell from shares 10 creative tips to retire, even without adequate savings. You see, saving diligently your entire life and then quitting work to play bridge is only one way to get to retirement. And, the odds are that it is not YOUR way. There are literally of hundreds if not thousands of different levers that can be used to pull off financial independence in your 50s, 60s and beyond.

Top 7 Reasons to Roll Over Your 401(k) to an IRA

Tim Parker of Investopedia shares some benefits of rolling over your 401(k) when you leave a job. Whenever you change jobs, you have several options with your 401(k) plan account. You can cash it out, leave it where it is, transfer it into your new employer’s 401(k) plan (if one exists), or roll it over into an individual retirement account (IRA).

New retirement bill has perks for seniors and student loan borrowers

Personal Finance Reporter for CNBC, Greg Iacurci, writes about how a new bipartisan bill would raise the age for required minimum distributions from accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs to from 72 to 75. It would also let workers repaying student loans to get a company 401(k) match even if they’re not saving in their workplace plan. “The bill, dubbed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2020, would also let businesses pay a 401(k) match to workers paying off student loans, even if those borrowers aren’t saving in the company retirement […]