Welcome Steven Lewis, J.R. Financial & Insurance Services new Executive Assistant!

Steven, born in Tucson AZ, was raised in Southern California, in the Santa Monica Mountains. After a few years in Pennsylvania, he returned to California and moved to the Bay Area, and cannot imagine living anywhere else again. Providing high-level support, he helps the office run smoothly and efficiently. As an Eagle Scout, he is always eager and happy to help any way he can. He studies historical swordsmanship, sewing, historical enactment, and acting. Next time you come by our office, say hello!

Key Social Security changes you should know about in 2021

Retirees can expect at least four key changes to Social Security this year, but more could be on the way depending on the next president’s policy goals. Dhara Singh from Yahoo!Finance reports the changes that could affect you.

Can You Collect Social Security Benefits Even if You’ve Never Worked?

Katie Brockman of the Motley Fool shares the different ways you could claim benefits that you might not be aware of. Preparing for retirement is becoming more difficult for millions of Americans. Many workers don’t have access to a pension, increased costs of living are making retirement more expensive than ever, and student loans and other forms of debt are making it harder to save. For those reasons, many retirees are falling back on Social Security benefits to make ends meet during their senior years. The average retiree can expect to receive […]

What Every Retirement Saver Needs to Know About 2021

Is there any good news for savers in 2021? A bit. John Waggoner of AARP shares the new rules for savers, beneficiaries and taxpayers for this year. Most people will miss 2020 about as much as they miss mosquito season. For many retirees and retirement savers, the year had a few benefits, such as some COVID-19 relief measures. Even without those, however, most of the retirement changes in 2021 are for the better. Here’s a look at some of the most important you need to know.