Americans Don’t Understand These Facts About Social Security

How much — or little — you know about Social Security can have a huge impact on your post-retirement finances. That’s especially true if you’re among the 64% of Americans with less than $10,000 in retirement savings. Levi Leidy from Yahoo!Finance explains more. A lack of savings was the primary reason Social Security was founded in the first place. In the height of the Great Depression, many older Americans were left penniless and without means to retire or even house themselves. The 1935 Social Security Act ensured that, even if […]
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Things taxpayers should know when choosing between standard and itemized deductions

Deductions reduce the amount of taxable income when filing a federal income tax return. In other words, they can reduce the amount of tax someone owes. Most taxpayers have a choice of either taking the standard deduction or itemizing their deductions. The standard deduction may be quicker and easier, but, itemizing deductions may lower taxes more, in some situations. It’s important for all taxpayers to look into which deduction method best fits them.
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Need to drop off documents to our office? Please call ahead so that we can arrange a day and time for you to come by!

With Tax season in full swing, we have had many people unexpectedly stopping by, and we must follow guidelines for how many people can be in our office at a time. We can also check to see if someone is available if you have a question or need further assistance. We would also like to remind everyone that we do not accept walk in appointments.Our staff is more than happy to assist you, just give us a call at (408) 642-1322. For questions and other concerns, please contact Kimberly Murphy, […]
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Reminder: Masks still required in office, please call ahead when dropping off documents

Hello everyone! We just wanted to send a friendly reminder that J.R. Financial & Insurance Services still requires face masks to be worn properly over the nose, mouth, and chin at all times within our office. Even if you have received the Vaccine, you must continue to wear a mask for everyone’s safety. We would also like to remind everyone that if you need to stop by our office to drop off any documents, to please call (408) 624-1322 and schedule a drop off time with us. We are still limiting how […]