Interviewing Financial Advisors

James Rukstalis contributed to Advisor’s Magazine for their latest article, Interviewing Financial Advisors, which discusses what important questions you should ask when you approach a financial advisor for guidance. “You want to see if this person has put in the effort to learn, to know what they’re doing, and then what are the tools and methods that they use.”

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments

Hello everyone! Here at J.R. Financial & Insurance Services, we like to keep our appointment scheduling and confirmation process as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. Our preferred methods are either calling our office directly at (408) 642-1322, or emailing our Director of First Impressions Steven (, or Operations Manager Kim ( We do accept texts, but we ask all clients to text our office line directly, (408) 642-1322, in regards to appointments. Texts sent to the direct office line are received by multiple staff members at the same […]

A Word From Our President, James Rukstalis

Money can be a difficult topic for many of us to discuss. Our prior generations were taught that it is one of those “forbidden topics” that we don’t discuss in polite conversation. As a result, we end up holding back the discussion with our children, family, and friends. This prompted a discussion with the financial planning association. For those who don’t know, the financial planning association is an organization where financial planners, and aspiring financial planners, work together to discuss all aspects of financial planning. In this discussion, there were […]

May 2022 Advisors Magazine

This months issue of Advisors Magazine, featuring an article about our very own James Rukstalis, is available to view online! Click here to view the magazine: and here to read the article about James, Thank you, Amy Amy CantrellDigital Marketing SpecialistJ.R. Financial & Insurance Services2005 De La Cruz Blvd. Suite 120Santa Clara, CA 95050(408) 642-1322 Office(408) 728-1566 [J.R. Financial & Insurance Services and its affiliates paid a fee to Advisors Magazine for this article to cover the cost of artwork and other expenses incurred by Advisors Magazine.  The article […]