The government shutdown, and what it means for your tax returns

Dear Clients, 

You’re may be aware that the government is currently shutdown. It is the second longest shutdown in history and if it continues through the weekend, it will be the longest on record. 
This is to inform you that in spite of the shutdown, Internal Revenue Service announced earlier this week they will still issue refunds to taxpayers. Many taxpayers were concerned about this and we just want to share the news (if you don’t already know). IRS has mostly stopped working (only 12 percent of its staff had been working — without pay). The IRS employees returning to work to process refunds will not be paid until the shutdown ends.  
During this period, IRS Services is limited. We have not been able to reach anyone from their helpline nor submit POA. We ask for your patience this tax season especially with the new tax law in place and limited support from the IRS. Tax Professionals are still waiting for the final regulations from Treasury on some changes and the shutdown has slowed down that process.
Taxpayers with amended returns may also wait a little longer to get a refund if the shutdown continues. Staffers processing amended returns were among the positions to be furloughed, according to the IRS’s non-filing season contingency plan. It is important that you provide all your necessary information and tax documents before filing to avoid this. Tax filing for this season is set to begin on January 28, 2019 and due date will be on April 15, 2019.  If you want us to file your taxes, please make an appointment with our Tax Professional. 

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