My ideal client is someone who needs help with retirement, estate planning, tax planning, loans, home sale/purchase, estate buildup or estate transfer, advanced planning & financial analysis. I want to support their goals by identifying problems and helping to develop solutions.

James Rukstalis, CLU, ChFC

With over eighteen years of experience, James has built a successful retirement planning business, with clients throughout all of California, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, Washington & Texas. He has worked with regular individuals from all types of professions including Federal Employees, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Kaiser, San Jose State Teachers & Football Coaches, Cal Berkeley Football Coaches, and SF 49ers.

His specialties include planning for retirement, setting up guaranteed retirement income, estate transfer planning, FERS & CERS Governmental planning, and planning social security strategies. He has been published in several retirement trade publications for seniors and retirement planning.

He was instrumental in helping overturn the 401(a) retirement plans to BART employees for the state of California. He also holds a variety of licenses including Insurance, Real Estate, NMLS (Lending), FINRA CRD# 6736220 & Notary Public. He is licensed in multiple states and holds many designations including CAS & ChFEBC.

Peter Bradshaw

Peter was born and raised in Westport, Connecticut before moving across the country to Santa Clara, California to pursue his B.S. in Economics from Santa Clara University. While finishing his senior year, he joined the company as an intern where he was mentored by James and worked directly with him to help our clients. After graduating from SCU, he obtained his California Life Insurance License #0M45617 and is also licensed as an Investment Advisory Representative FINRA CRD# 6997508.

With his knowledge and experience, he specializes in giving clients advice and recommendations on insurance and securities to formulate a comprehensive financial plan as the company’s Senior Agent.

Kim Murphy

Operations Manager

Kim was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Reno, Nevada. She has lived all around the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. She holds a degrees in Philosophy as well as Business, and is a registered EMT.

She began working for the company in 2015 and says that she cannot imagine working for a better company. Kim looks forward to coming to work because she gets to help clients with their financial needs.

When not at work, Kim enjoys sewing random dresses or costumes, as well as sitting quietly listening to music and knitting. Kim enjoys research and has quite the penchant for obscure historical facts. Can you guess her favorite subject matter?

Angelica Rodriguez

Director of First Impressions

Angelica was born in Mexico City and raised in Santa Clara, California. She has over 7 years experience working in customer service and office administration.

She enjoys building fulfilling relationships with clients, and giving them a great experience. She has an enthusiastic zest for life, enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and has a passion for make up and fashion. She is also bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.

Amy Cantrell

Digital Marketing Specialist

Amy was born in Fremont, California and has lived in the East Bay her whole life. She has over 15 years experience as an administrative assistant, and over 18 years experience in broadcasting, theater, marketing and multimedia.

She’s excited to bring her skills and knowledge to the company, and looks forward to sharing information and awareness about tips, tools, updates and new opportunities with J.R. Financial to new and existing clients to help them reach their financial goals.

Outside of work, Amy takes part in other creative endeavors including working on commercials and films, and curating interactive shows and events including the successful Winchester Mystery House Candlelight Tours.



We have been in existence since February 2008. We have worked with coaches for the NFL as well as San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. We helped overturn 401(a) plans to BART employees and we also supported Kaiser Permanente employees with their benefits and retirement when they could not get the information from their existing provider in the SF North and East Bay. We handled a large number of Federal Employee benefits training in the SF Bay Area as well as enabling them to better prepare and plan for retirement.


We work diligently at setting up reports for clients so they can clearly understand their situation. When experts are needed to focus on specific legal issues or complicated circumstances, we have a variety of attorneys, financial experts and Real Estate professionals who specialize in dealing with specific situations. Our goal is to help you gain control of your estate by better understanding what your estate is, what concerns potentially face your estate, and what solutions you have available to fix / prevent problems in the future.


“Free Your Life” represents the reality that you can be in a financial position where you can finally, fully let go. Let go of your stress and worries about what will happen with your estate. Will there be enough income to last the rest of your life? Will your heirs receive the estate you want them to receive? Can you reduce taxes and enjoy more of your money? My goal is to help you get to a point where all of your estate is in order and you can free yourself from any worry about the future, and enjoy today.

Your Free Financial Review: What to bring and what to expect

J.R. Financial offers a free introductory one on one financial review appointment with our Senior Agent, Peter Bradshaw.

But what happens during this appointment, and what should you bring along? The following contains information to help you prepare for your first appointment.

What to bring:

• Bank account values (statements not needed)

• Investment/brokerage/retirement account statements

• Life insurance and annuity statements

• Social security statements

• Mortgage/Debt Information (Amounts owed, APR, Minimum Payments, ECT.)

About the first meeting:

The purpose of our first meeting is discovery. We find out what clients have, what their future goals are, and how we can help them develop a comprehensive financial plan based on their wants and needs. Based on their plan we discuss strategies and advise them to help them achieve their goals and set up a financial plan for life. These discussions revolve around income planning, retirement planning, strategies to defer capital gains, and establishing a living trust. We also run market comparisons on their investments which just compares the risk and return of their portfolios to the overall market.

The purpose of that isn't to pitch anything to them, but to see if the way they're investing fits with their plan. That's as far as the first meeting will go, after we get all the necessary information and get to know the client and what they plan on doing then we move forward in future meetings, but the ultimate goal is to establish a financial plan and an income strategy that will last them their whole lives.

For more information, or to schedule your free one on one financial review, please contact our office.

We hope to see you soon!

(408) 642-1322